“Kindle curiosity in STEM fields and embrace the power of learning”


STEM Power To Learn is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in early 2016 with the mission to kindle curiosity in STEM fields and embrace the power of learning. This organization is led by a team of passionate and highly motivated students from middle school to high school around the San Francisco Bay Area with help from our caring volunteers making a difference for both elementary, middle, and high school students around the world.

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Summer 2020 Online Bootcamp Student Locations




We believe that everyone can learn new STEM skills, especially young kids. Through our specialty programs, in the form of engaging bootcamps, seminars, and learnathons, we want to inspire and help open new opportunities for young kids, as well as help develop their computer, programming, math, science, and technology skills through fun and creative project based learning. They will participate in highly specialized and motivational events and joyful programs, and these events will broaden their interest and knowledge, build discipline, character, and forge invaluable experience to their future endeavors.



Online Classes

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented COVID19 challenge together, to reduce the risk of our students, mentors, and staff, our popular classes will be resuming in online format this year beginning this summer. As we look ahead to classes this summer, we understand that there are many aspects involved with the transition to learning remotely. For the past few months, we have updated our existing class materials, flow, and activities to fit the online learning experience and ensure students are engaged through fun and creative projects with small group breakout sessions facilitated by our caring mentors. This also allows us to expand our presence, share our spirit of giving back to the community, and our passion to inspire and help open new opportunities for young kids in the STEM fields across the globe.


Online Tutoring

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented COVID19 challenge together, aimed at students in middle school, we are happy to provide online tutoring sessions to students in need of assistance in STEM related academics. Especially with COVID19, schools’ remote learning can’t quite provide the necessary education for students. From helping students complete homework in an educational manner to teaching additional concepts that increases their understanding of a topic, these tutoring sessions will be a great benefit for students and their academic confidence. Currently, we will be providing online tutoring sessions only for mathematics, but we hope to expand to the other STEM subjects as well.



Bootcamp Quality

Our bootcamps are unique in both teaching method and training materials tailored specifically to foster the curiosity and critical thinking of young kids with plenty of support. Unlike other instructor lead online classes, our students are engaged through fun and creative projects with small (2-3 students) group breakout sessions. Students are occupied and engaged as our team of experienced programming experts and mentors teach kids in a fun, fast paced, and dynamic format. From student survey, students give our summer online classes an overall 5 stars rating and 97% of the students will recommend their friends to take our classes in the future.


Volunteers Wanted

Make a difference today by joining our team of highly motivated and caring volunteers. We have a vision of inspiring and helping open new opportunities for young kids in STEM related fields, but to get there, we rely on volunteers like you working as part of our volunteering family to help transform our mission into reality, one kid at a time. Volunteering with STEM Power To Learn is fun and rewarding. The experience also provide you with exceptional opportunity to cultivate your leadership and communication skills. It’s also unlike typical volunteer experiences in that we empower YOU with the support and training you need to be an agent of change.


STEM Power To Learn Bootcamps Highlights

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What Parents and Students Said


I never expected a cool camp like this!


love the small class size and high number of mentors to student.




The best python bootcamp in Bay Area and it is free!


The scratch bootcamp is so much fun!!